After Your Surgery

After your surgery, you will be moved to a recovery area while your anesthesia wears off. Most patients receive oxygen during this time. As you wake up you may be sensitive to noises, lights and temperature.

The recovery room nurse will be checking your blood pressure, pulse and respirations frequently. This is routine procedure. You may experience some side effects from the anesthesia such as nausea, shivering, sore throat or headache, and you may have pain. Let the nurses know if you experience these or any other side effects. Your nurse will work with your doctor to make you as comfortable as possible.

You will be discharged from the recovery room when your nurse and anesthesiologist think you are ready.aftersurgery


If you are an inpatient and staying in the hospital after your surgery, you will be taken to your room at this time. You will receive your discharge instructions when you are ready to go home.


If you are an outpatient and going home after your surgery, the nurse will help you to sit up and give you fluids to drink. Your family may come in and see you at this time. You will be given written instructions from your doctor and any prescriptions that may need to be filled at your pharmacy of choice. The day after your surgery, a nurse will call you to see how you are doing and answer any questions that you may have about your recovery.

Please note: If you are an outpatient and receiving anesthesia, you MUST have someone drive you home and stay with you for at least 24 hours – or your surgery may be cancelled.