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Foot and Toe Fractures

Toe fracture may only require rest, ice, and pain relievers, but serious fractures can require foot immobilization and surgery. Any suspected fracture should be evaluated by an Oakland Regional Hospital podiatrist.

The fifth metatarsal bone (along the outer foot edge) is a commonly fractured bone in the foot. Pain, swelling, and bruising along the outer foot edge are symptoms. Treatment for any foot fracture should include medical attention, X-rays, pain relievers, rest, ice, and elevation. Immobilization and surgery may be necessary for some foot fractures.

Sesamoid fracture is a fracture of small bones (sesamoids) that are embedded in tendons attaching to the big toe. Pain in and around the big toe is the main symptom. Treatment for sesamoid fracture includes rest, ice, elevation, stiff soled shoes or foot pads, pain relievers, and immobilization. Surgery may be needed for serious sesamoid fractures.

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