Hand Injuries

Sudden (acute) Injury

A direct blow, penetrating injury, twisting, jerking, jamming, or bending abnormally can cause acute injury. Bruising, damage to ligaments, joints and tendons, pulled muscles, broken bones, sprains, dislocations and crush injuries can result.

Hand and Wrist Fractures

Fractures to these tiny bones can often be treated with a cast. In some cases, surgery is required at the time of injury or later.

Sprains and Dislocations

Sprains and dislocations are injuries to the ligaments and soft-tissues, and frequently occur around the small joints of the hand and wrist. It is important to obtain a proper diagnosis of a finger sprain or dislocation so treatment is appropriate for the injury. However, these injuries are sometimes not treated, and can cause ongoing, unresolved pain. Your physician can help improve your pain and function, even months or years later.

Mallet Finger

When a tendon in the finger is injured, or “bent back,” it can cause an inability to fully straighten that finger. Mallet finger can usually be corrected by splinting.

Boxer’s Fracture

This fracture of the base of the small finger is commonly sustained by punching a wall or boxing without gloves.

Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) Tear

A tear to the middle joint in the thumb occurs when an extreme force pulls the thumb away from the palm, causing pain, swelling and weakness. This is also called a gamekeeper’s thumb or skier’s thumb, and can also occur after everyday falls or sports injuries.

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