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EMG Services

Oakland Regional Hospital physicians can help you improve your lifestyle through pain management alternatives such as Electromyogram (EMG) testing. The specialists will perform a complete patient history, physical examination and evaluation prior to any diagnosis.

An electromyogram, EMG, measures the electrical activity of the nerves and muscles at rest and during contraction. It is recommended if you are experiencing pain, numbness or weakness.

This test consists of two parts:
The first part of the test involves Nerve conduction studies (NCS) and is performed by a physician with specialized training. This exam measures how well and how fast the nerves can send electrical impulses – from point A to point B of their respective muscles. This part involves a small and brief electrical stimulus. Nerves control the muscles in the body with electrical signals called impulses and these impulses make the muscles react in specific ways. Nerve and muscle problems cause the muscles to react in abnormal ways. If you have pain or numbness in your arms or legs, you may have these tests to find out how much your nerves are being affected.

The second part of the test is called Electromyogram, EMG, a needle electrode examination, which is performed by a physician specializing in electrodiagnostic medicine. This part examines and measures the electrical activity in muscles. An extremely thin electrode is gently place into the muscle. This electrode records the muscle’s electrical activity during both relaxation and contractions with gradual increased force. A number of muscles are examined based on the patient’s clinical problem in order to obtain complete information and make an accurate diagnosis.

Why do patients need to have these tests?

An EMG can help physicians distinguish the cause of numbness or paralysis, muscle weakness or spasms, and the cause of pain in the arms, hands, legs, feet and face. The results will allow your physician determine the right course of treatment for recovery.

The Pain Management specialists at Oakland Regional Hospital focus on evaluating and treating pain conditions. The goal – to help our patients improve and achieve a better quality of life through the reduction in their pain and an improvement in their ability to function in daily activities – progressing to living a better lifestyle. Click below to make an appointment for a consultation. Or, call the Appointment Hotline at 248-423-8484.